O2 Show is the first lifestyle trade show in US to exclusively showcase ethically-made and sustainable brands. 

O2 Show aims to build a community of like-minded brands and retailers that share the same values and passion for beautiful, innovative, and well-designed products that are responsibly made.

By focusing only on sustainable and ethically-made brands, we can provide a medium in which these brands can develop and grow, a level playing field that minimizes price-driven competition.


Our multi-faceted approach includes both wholesale and retail, backed by technology: wholesale events debuting in L.A., pop-up stores and retail collaborations in various cities, online retail collaborations, online ordering platform…and more.


O2 Show is responding to the growing interest from retailers for more responsibly-made and sustainable products that fit their needs. All events are designed to facilitate discovery, provide an immersive brand experience, and tell brand stories that inspire.

O2 Show is capitalizing on Los Angeles’ importance as a fashion (and buyer) destination, and its leadership in lifestyle fashion, wellness, and environmental issues throughout history.  L.A. is home to many visionary brands and influencers focused on responsible production and eco-conscious lifestyle.

Wholesale Shows

Curated Selection

 In response to the growing interest from retailers for more responsibly-made and sustainable products that fit their merchandising concept, O2 Show presents a carefully-curated selection of ethically-made, sustainable, and vegan brands in fashion, accessories, jewelry, beauty, wellness, and homewares.

Top Retailers

O2 show leverages our retailer relationships cultivated through 5+ years of successful ownership and operation of Coeur Show whose curated selection of accessories, beauty, and homeware brands developed a loyal retailer following from top retailers and influential boutiques throughout the U.S.

Brand activations

Meet-the-maker spaces

Beauty & wellness lounges

Informational resources and panel discussions

Food & beverage tastings from local chefs

Influencer lounge

Buying assistance

Inspiring setting

Lush, relaxed ambience   Designed to facilitate discovery and provide immersive brand experiences, in an inspirational and aspirational setting. 

An inspiring, enchanting experience combining well-designed, beautiful products with artful arrangements and well-merchandised spaces: brand activations and meet-the-maker spaces.

Easy Access

Launching during LA Market, in the brand-new, state-of-the-art event space at the heart of LA’s Fashion District, steps away from the other trade shows in the Fashion District allows easy access.

The Downtown LA location is within walking distance of some of LA’s newest hotels and restaurants, and one of the fastest-growing areas in Los Angeles. 

Merchandised Shop Section

The Shop section will feature a selection of unique products merchandised like a boutique.   This section will feature a selection of  Cash & Carry items, including a vintage section, as well as items that are available for ordering.  

Value-added solutions

As active participants in trade shows all over the globe, the O2 Show team also wanted to answer to the needs of retailers and brands in this evolving market, and create maximum value from these events. 

Online Sales Platform

Post-show extension of brand experience through the O2 online platform featuring brand stories and maker interviews, online retail collaborations, and pop-up events in LA and other cities (dates to be announced). 

Retailers interested in collaborating with O2 Show and hosting pop-up events: contact us at retail@o2shows.com

Retail pop-ups

Pop-ups and other retail events allow consumers to interact directly with brands, and are a great way for building brand awareness.

O2 Show Team members have organized over 100 pop-up and retail events of all kinds, and have participated in numerous other retail events.  Pop-up events are planned for summer of 2020, please contact us for more information.

O2 Show Pop-up Events

O2 Show will host pop-up events in various locations and cities throughout the year. 

The number of participating brands, length of pop-up, and amount of merchandise will vary upon space available and location. 

Retailer-Hosted Pop-ups

Boutiques and major retailers hosting pop-up events add their own flavor to the shopping experience, targeting their customer base.

Each boutique personalizes the experience to their customer base.

Collaborations with other groups

O2 Show will collaborate with other groups organizing pop-up events and other events featuring direct-to-consumer sales. 

Online Retail Collaborations and Pop-ups

O2 Show will collaborate with online retailers to feature O2 Show participants in their online stores for drop-shipping, and/or other online sales events. 

Retailers and brands interested in collaborating with O2 Show and participating in pop-up events: contact us at retail@o2shows.com