O2 Show celebrates visionary brands and progressive retailers with a purposefully selected collection of beauty, gift, home, wellness, lifestyle clothing, and accessories brands, presented in a relaxing, inspiring setting.

O2 Show is the first lifestyle trade show in US focused only on ethically-made and sustainable brands.

O2 Shows is an integrated platform for connecting brands with buyers and consumers through trade shows, consumer events, and online sales. 

Wholesale shows:  offering a curated selection of brands and inspiring experiences,  retail buyers and merchants engage with brands to find products whose stories mesh well with their own merchandising concepts.  

Pop-up retail events: allow brands direct connection to consumers and create immersive brand experiences.  O2 Show collaborates with retailers and other event organizers to host consumer pop-up events throughout the US. (dates to be announced in March).

Online sales: O2 Show also collaborates with online retailers for online pop-ups and sales, and offers online wholesale sales.  (coming in April 2020)